- it's free. it's fluid. -

art of baking

A common question Nicole gets is ‘What is your approach to baking’? She just calls it 'flow'.

Every recipe is an extension of an experiment gone right. Baking at Comida is free and fluid. A place where imagination and ingredients are free to wander, dance, and take detours to discover and innovate.

Through the lens of a lifelong curator, conceptualizer, author - and most importantly, eater! - food becomes an expression. Flavours are colours on a canvas for Nicole, and the fundamental principles of baking serve as the framework for new ideas. Her quirks, epiphanies, inspirations, and a twist on the conventional give the art of baking at Comida a unique identity.


At Comida, sustainability is an action word. One that’s practiced inside the kitchen and not just thrown around as philosophy.

It is not an add-on but an organic result of the choices made by Nicole and her team. Sustainability is about small steps to keep moving in the right direction. Reusing parchment paper, sustainable packaging and gifting, minimal use of plastic, locally sourced ingredients, supporting local artisans, and bulk ordering are all integral to the process at Comida.