A Weekend In Dubai

Amidst the chaos of 2015, I snuck myself away to Dubai for a few days to surprise my best friend. It worked!! Rarely has someone been so happy to see me! A two and a half day visit, which I thought may have been too long, turned out to be way too short. I've not really been paying much attention to changes in currency and foreign exchange rate, so I was a bit unpleasantly surprised to find that I'd run through ALL my cash on day 1 (thanks Victoria's Secret!)...

The second I land in Dubai, I start dreaming of the amazing Lebanese and Arabic food I'm going to eat. My favourite by far is Ara'yes - - lamb mince and pine nuts sandwiched between 2 pita breads and baked. Divinity. All you need to do is squeeze half a lemon over the pastry, and dig in. This was my first meal in Dubs, and I relished every bite.

My brother and I are obsessed with potato waffles, and have been eating them since we were kids. Any time I find a box, I buy it! Imagine my joy at finding these tucked away inside Spinneys!

For my first proper meal in Dubai, we went to the Belgian Beer Cafe at Madinat Jumeirah, where I had the best beer I have ever drunk. The Hoegarden Rosée is light, crisp, delicious and tastes like raspberries. I had two giant ass mugs of beer that they said were a pint, but I think were wayyyyy more! We drank from huge glasses that made me feel like I was in the Lord of The Rings.

I was overjoyed to find mussels a large part of the menu - it turned out that this was Mussels Month - and I was about to get lucky. We ordered a starter pot of mussels steamed with white wine, parsley and shallots, Belgian beef skewers marinated in Leffe blond and garlic, some fries and a fried chicken dish I didn't go near.

I finally went to Shake Shack to see what the fuss was all about. Had the Shackmeister burger, which is a cheese burger topped with hundreds of tiny crispy fried onion rings. Not bad at all, though I could have eaten about 5

The next night was a birthday party at a friend's house, where we must have ordered about 100 pieces of sushi and wiped them all out, in between pouring alcohol down our throats.

I need to take a moment to commemorate this cake. I need this moment to remember how absolutely incredible it was. This was a Nutella Cake from Home Bakery - Nutella soaked sponge sandwiched between Nutella ganache and decorated (almost held up) by a fence of KitKat and topped with Ferrero Rocher and even more Nutella ganache. Oh my lord.

We staggered home before the sun came up, and woke up hours later suitably hungover and absolutely ravenous. After all, 100 pieces of sushi split between 10 people doesn't really amount to much the next day. We dragged ourselves out of bed and headed to Carluccio's at Dubai Mall for a late brunch. When in doubt have an English breakfast (cheese omelette, toast, orange juice, coffee, water, turkey bacon, mushrooms and a grilled tomato) and of course add to that a beef carpaccio.

I'm too hungry to continue this... I think I need some lunch.. I love Dubai, but it is so so terrible for my waist line!

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